Accu-Tuner IV®

The only thing better than an Accu-Tuner III

The Amazing Accu-Tuner IV

Time-Saving Features

  • FAC 88-Note Stretch Calculator sets note and cents for the entire piano automatically with just three measurements. The results will amaze you, and your customers.
  • Edit piano tuning header from the keyboard of the Accu-Tuner IV
  • Display DOB or offset amount on the display along with the normal tuning information
    Auto-Stepping Filter Circuit steps automatically to the next note as you proceed with the tuning.
  • Double Octave Beat adjustment lets you and the Accu-Tuner create the perfect amount of stretch right at the piano.
  • Pitch-Raise Calculator gives accurate pitch raises in twenty minutes or less.
  • Rotating visual display with Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) instantly shows tuning error to a resolution of ±0.05 cents while tuning.
  • Sequence feature lets you follow your present aural tuning sequence while tuning electronically.
  • Store your own tunings, over complete individual piano tunings along with piano serial numbers for future use.
  • Guaranteed accurate to ± 0.005 cent for every note and cents deviation for +/-198.0 cents.
  • Memory that can be written and overwritten without limit.
  • Make exact copy of any tuning in memory
  • FAC Stretch-Calculator tunings can be transferred to memory with a pitch change for tuning at pitch or raising the pitch halfway.
  • Tunings can be calculated with early music temperaments or add a temperament on the fly.
  • Sealed Long-life Keyboard, offers hassle free operation.
  • Foot pedal switch has ability to step up or down from note to note, or to store notes into memory.
  • Measure an unknown pitch by pressing the MEASURE button.
  • Show the signal strength of the piano as a bar chart onscreen.
  • AC or battery operation with re-charger, plus automatic shutdown to conserve battery power.
  • New recharging circuit charges the battery in less than two hours.
  • Full set of input/output jacks for tuners, teachers, and experimenters.
  • Comprehensive Operating Manual explains all operations including time-saving techniques for pitch raising and tuning.
  • Toll-free number available for assistance with tuning problems in the field.
  • With the SAT's 88-note FAC stretch calculator, you can measure the amount of stretch required for a particular piano, store three stretch numbers, and tune the entire piano without having to touch the SAT. Use the auto-stepping filter circuit to advance the note while the SAT automatically sets the partial and cents deviation. This allows the tuner to keep their hands on the piano key and on the hammer, speeding the work and reducing fatigue.
  • The Accu-Tuner is priceless when tuning two or more pianos together: just tune both pianos to the same page in memory. The pianos don't need to be in the same room to create fantastic results!
  • Students and new technicians can use the SAT as a visual aid and tutor for checking their work and accuracy. It will assist with: hammer technique, setting pins, and speeding up tuning quality.
  • The PTG Tuning Exam scoring program assists with practicing for the PTG Tuning exam, and simplifies administering the exam.
  • FREE software updates.

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