Feature Updates for Older SATs


NEW! AUTO STEPPING UPGRADE FOR ACCU-TUNER I & ACCU-TUNER II: For many years we have been asked if we could upgrade the earlier Accu-Tuners to the auto-stepping capability, the answer was no. We still cannot add the same circuitry, but a new perspective on the function came up with a new approach and now we can offer the auto-stepping for Accu-Tuners as long as they have the FAC capability. Send your Accu-Tuner to Inventronics and we squeeze in a new board, some additional wiring and you can have an Accu-Tuner with the ability to turn on/off auto-stepping.

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SUPER NiMH BATTERY: Ni-Cad batteries are now being upgraded to NiMH, as there are many advantages of Nickel Metal Hydride batteries over Nickel Cadmium. We have therefore switched to a super NiMH battery for all our new SATs and battery replacements. The new NiMH will run the SAT for 50 to 70 hours, and can be recharged hundreds of cycles. Ni-MH batteries do not require complete discharge before recharging, but we still recommend using as much of the battery capacity before recharging. Using the energy in the battery pack before charging will give you the longest number of years before requiring replacement.

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MEMORY BOARD:The modified memory board (offering the latest in FAC programming and options) is available as a retrofit to older SATs. The original memory board (S/N 426 and below) had a maximum memory capacity of 54 pianos without headers. This memory board allows up to 206 pianos with headers. The price of the memory board always includes the latest program, with twenty free installed tunings of your choice.

OSCILLATOR BOARD:An updated crystal-controlled oscillator board is available for older SATs to improve the accuracy of the cents scale and eliminate the drift of the internal pitch reference. Sanderson Accu-Tuners with serial numbers of 400 and below can take advantage of this factory installed upgrade. The oscillator board specifications are as follows:

  • Cents scale accuracy: All readings accurate to one twenty-fifth of a cent (0.04 cents) from 198 cents flat to 160 cents sharp. By far the most accurate tuning instrument of the market.
  • Cents drift with temperature: Over the degree range of 40 F to 100 degrees F, drift is less than one-hundredth of a cent.
  • These specifications mean that your accuracy can now be guaranteed to be within 0.05 cents flat or sharp under all normal circumstances and many abnormal circumstances as well!

PROGRAM UPDATES:All Sanderson Accu-Tuners produced since 1987, as well as those sent back for the FAC update, contain the latest software features that provide the tuner with six additional time-saving functions. These include:

  • Extended Tuning Cents Range of 0.04 cent accuracy for every note and cents deviation from -198.0 to +160.0 cents.
  • Extended cents storage range for the full range of cents rendings without error. (Old storage range was ±51 cents).
  • Piano serial number storage of six digits to positively identify pianos stored in memory.
  • Extended pitch storage used for early music (one semitone low), and organ pipes (fourth low).
  • Reset of cents window to zero using the quick CAL function.
  • Easy memory storage using the foot switch rather than pressing the SHIFT and MEM button.

NOTE: The latest program can be installed to memory boards S/N 427 and above. Memory boards installed after S/N 426 and prior to October, 1992 will accept the latest program, and have a maximum memory capacity of 173 pianos.

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