Family-owned and Operated

As former president and owner of Inventronics Inc., the company he ran with his wife, Mary, and son and now president, Paul, Al Sanderson contemplated projects that will make quality tuning more accessible. And he hoped science will make more of an impact on the piano itself.

"Not much research has been done on actually improving or simplifying the product," he laments, "and the industry can get mired down in tradition."

By contrast, the Accu-Tuner is proof that electronic technology can work hand in hand with the age-old art and craft of piano tuning, without eclipsing the aural tradition.

Al passed away in 2011. Today, the company is under the direction of his son Paul Sanderson. Paul has been very careful to maintain his father's ideals and research. The proof is in the latest product: the Accu-Tuner IV which has improved accuracy, remains easy to use and is every bit as hardened as the earlier Accu-Tuners.