Need a Second Opinion? Listen to Our Customers.

With more than 30 years in production and over 6,000 units sold, let us tell you what tuners/technicians who presently own an Accu-Tuner have to say about the results they get when using their Accu-Tuner.

(For one RPT's take on the benefits of the Accu-tuner vs. traditional aural tuning, click here.)

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— Pat McCormick, Henderson, Kentucky

I tune many pianos and depend on and appreciate this Accu-Tuner for efficiency to get me through the day.

A Very Welcome Aid

— David M. Dacbert, San Antonio, Texas

I have been using this computer for one year and after being an aural tuner for over thirty years, I must say that the Accu-Tuner is a very welcome aid to my continued tuning success. All of the testimony that I have read on this unit is very true.

Saves Me Time

— Bill Robinson, Olive Branch, Minnesota

Want to let you know what a great product the Accu-Tuner is. Its value is immeasurable in the amount of time it saves me and the headaches it spares me.

helped Me Improve.

— Joe Meehan, Gardiner, Maine

The Accu-Tuner is wonderful, and perhaps a bit frightening. Not frightening because of its buttons or learning curve, but frightening because of how beautifully it helped me to tune. The piano which I tuned today sounded gorgeous. And even though I enjoy a very good reputation as a tuner/technician in my area, the Accu-Tuner has helped me improve. Thank you. Should have bought one years ago - foolish pride!

Lovwe This Machine

— Randy Rush, Seattle, Washington

By the way, I love this machine, and now wonder why it took me so long to decide to get one. Thank you.

Tremendous Help

— Dave Norck, Windsor, Connecticut

Thank you, again, for your great service and the tremendous help the tuner has been to me.

Fantastic Tool

— Larry T. Brannin, Crestwood, KY

Please accept my thanks for developing this fantastic tool. ...my SAT has lightened my workload both mentally and physically I'd like to think that the SAT means the same thing to Piano Technicians that the chain saw meant to lumber-jacks!

Be Deservedly Proud

E. Warren Thomas, Dayton Beach FL

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how pleased I have been with these instruments ... and the tunings I am getting thanks to FAC. Dr. Sanderson should be deservedly proud of this invention!

Clint Black Tour

— Dale Whitehead, RPT; Piano Technician, Clint Black Tour

Greetings...Paul should remember sending me a new SAT III just before the beginning of the Clint Black Tour...the new machine performed extremely well...Kudos and thanks to all you folks at Inventronics! I (repeatedly) had to use the pickup in order to tune (with earplugs in) which TOTALLY amazed onlookers all across the country! The level of accuracy under these circumstances was VERY close. ...This level of fine tuning made for a very high degree of tuning for the Band's live performances which in turn helped create live recordings of studio caliber. All of the efforts of you folks at Inventronics were on center stage and the performance of your product was in the spot light. The SAT III made me look good........period!

Making Life Easier

— William I. La Fon, Tustin, CA

...thank Dr. Sanderson for inventing the Sight-O-Tuner and, especially, the Accu-Tuner. Prior to having these miraculous machines, I never had any confidence in my tuning ability when it came to tuning the temperament octave on inferior quality pianos...I no longer have this problem. Many thanks for making life easier for me and countless others.

Even Better

— Andrew Aeschbacker, Lynchburg, VA

Thanks for making a great product even better.

Best Electronic Tuning Aid Ever

Dick Beaton, Helena MT

Thanks for providing the best electronic tuning aid ever! This one has done well for me since 1983....

Tuned over a Jackhammer

— Robert Townsend, Toms River, NJ

I've never been one to write testimonials. However, I believe the specific situation below deserves one. I've been taking care of a Lester Grand Piano in the lobby of a large condominium on the Jersey shore for several years now. Having been trained to use my ear, I've relied on the SAT II to refine what I've always heard. When I was there a few weeks ago, the front entrance-way and sidewalk were being torn up for repairs. It never occurred to me we might have some conflict. The piano, in the lobby, is about 14 feet from a plate glass window, the other side of which is the concrete entrance way. I had no sooner started tuning the piano when one of the workmen started work with his jackhammer, It was a devastating sound; I couldn't hear the piano; and the SAT II couldn't isolate the piano from everything else. I realized I had one alternative: do the tuning, string by string, according to what the SAT II reported, and using the magnetic pickup. When all was said and done, and tuned, my teeth were still chattering, but the piano sounded GREAT! I know some good technicians; a couple of them are good friends of mine. But NO ONE could have tuned that piano under those circumstances without a SAT II.