The Sanderson Beat-Rater

If you are trying to teach or learn beat rates, have we got the instrument for you!

The new Sanderson Beat-Rater gives you the beat rates for all the major thirds in the temperament region, from B2-D#3 up to D#4-G4.

Similar to the Accu-Fork in design, the Beat-Rater produces clicks at the tempo of the appropriate beat rate. Set for F-A; it produces 6.93 clicks per second, for example.

The four pushbuttons set the beats of four contiguous major thirds, so it is easy to learn the sound of beats in the ration of 4 to 5 as used in the contiguous thirds test.

Best of all, all the beat rates can be slowed down or sped up together to fit the beats of a particular piano being tuned, which will rarely have theoretically correct beat rates.

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