Commited to Product and Service Excellence

INVENTRONICS offers a two-year warranty from date of purchase of an Accu-Tuner III and Accu-Tuner IV.* We will repair or replace the Accu-Tuner, as determined at the factory, should it be found defective. This warranty is not transferable, and applies only to the original purchaser of the equipment. Damage from the result of misuse, modification, or tampering with the equipment will void this warranty.

There is a one-year warranty on the rebuilt Accu-Tuners that Inventronics sells, and a one-year warranty on the Accu-Fork and Beat-Rater.

*The foot switch is not covered under warranty.

Service and Repairs

Factory service is available to provide or install optional upgrades, programs or features at your request. A repair service is available after the WARRANTY period. Service is provided efficiently and courteously. There is a charge for service while parts are invoiced separately. The service charge includes present circuit updates and re-calibration.

Basic Process

The normal routine for repairing an Accu-Tuner is to send the Accu-Tuner to Inventronics (see contact page for address) with a quick note containing your return address, phone number and what is not working properly with the Accu-Tuner. As soon as it arrives we will offload the tunings, save the tunings to disk, go entirely over the Accu-Tuner, update the circuits with all the engineering changes, clean up the exterior and then put the Accu-Tuner through a complete checklist to make sure all the circuits are calibrated and working properly. The last step is a practical on the piano to make sure the Accu-Tuner is working correctly in use as well as on the bench.